About Us

About WIPA

Women in International Public Affairs at SciencesPo is a student led organization that supports women pursuing public policy careers in a global context. Though capacity building events and outreach initiatives we help members realize their full professional and personal potential. As future public policy leaders, members of WIPA work to foster a strong network of alliances among current members, alumni, similar programs in the GPPN and community partners.

About the WIPA blog

Welcome to WIPA’s newest endeavor - blogging.  At WIPA we strive to find ways to continue to make WIPA relevant, interactive and engaging for our users and members.  To date we have built a website, established a strong social media presence on Facebook and LinkedIn, created videos viewable on Youtube and developed a regular newsletter for our followers.

This blog is a new way for WIPA to share information, articles, and stories that we find relevant and interesting with the community.  We hope that you will find what we post will meet these objectives.  If you have suggestions on how we can improve do not hesitate to contact us at our website or leave a comment here.

Visit our website at www.womeninpublicaffairs.com

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