Creating a Space for Women in the UAE

 “You have to learn that your rights are born with you. Don’t think the government or a man or your husband will give you a right. It’s inside you, just practise it.”

Dr. Rafia Obaid Ghubash [link to The Economist]

Dr. Rafia Obaid Ghubash, is currently preparing to opening the first Women’s Museum of the United Arab Emirates.  The museum will highlight and contrast the contributions of women in the present and historic UAE.  Modern art, traditional tools, handicrafts, jewelry and attire will lay side-by-side in a bold attempt to educate and inspire those who visit.

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Dr. Ghubash seeks to introduce visitors to these rich contributions and urge them to reflect on what this means for the next generation of Emirati women.  In addition to showcasing these artifacts, the museum has three distinct goals which drives its mission,

  1. A cultural initiative unique in the Arab world
  2. A space to explore and celebrate the lives of women in the UAE
  3. A meeting place for the promotion of women’s work and achievements in the UAE

Dr. Ghubash was offered free space to host the museum, instead she decided to raise her own funds to open the museum in a historic section of Dubai.  This choice seems to demonstrate both the central role that women have played throughout the history of the UAE as well the self-determination and independence that Dr. Ghubash strives to encourage in women via her museum.

READ THIS: Learn more about the museum at it’s website here


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