Deadline extended March 30th 11:59pm – WIPA: Women & Public Policy Essay Contest

The WIPA:Women & Public Policy Essay Contest has been extended to give you a bit more time to submit your thoughts in response to our questions.

Remember these opinion essays are a minimum of 250 words – 500 words maximum.  You can choose to respond to either question:

  1. What strategies would you propose to more effectively include and integrate women in development policies? What would be the challenges? How would you over come them?
  2. Do you think the use of gender quotas to increase the number of women in top leadership positions is an effective gender equity tool?  What are some of the risks?  Do the benefits outweigh the risks or vice-versa?

Gayle Lemmon, Deputy Director of the Women & Foreign Policy Program and author of the critically acclaimed The Dressmaker of Khair Khana. Read more about Gayle Lemmon and purchase a copy of this exciting new work here.

Questions? Submissions? Send them to

In the meantime – I recently came across an interesting article about Deutsche Telekom and gender quotas.  In early 2010 DT planed to raise the number of women in middle and senior management to 30%.  While the German government praised this announcement it simultaneously stated that gender quotas must be used as a “last resort.”  However, without these gender quotas would DT have the serious incentive to increase the number of women in management positions or would they merely pay lip service to the issue?

New York Times Read the full article here

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