Harvard Kennedy School’s Women & Public Policy Program is Working Hard to Close the Gender Gap

I recently came across the Harvard Kennedy School’s Women and Public Policy Program website.  WAPPP is a dedicated program that works toward the advancement of women and encourages the full participation of women in policy making.

One way that WAPPP does this is through a Fellowship program that brings together researchers and practitioners, actively committed to issues of gender.  This year-long program promotes academic exchange, discussion and research.  At the conclusion of the fellowship participants are expected to complete a significant publication.

This video was produced by WAPPP and outlines the challenges that women face in achieving equity and some of the work being done to close this gap.

You can read all about this year’s WAPPP fellows here and you can submit your application for consideration here.  Keep in mind that the deadline for the 2012-2013 fellows program will most likely be around the end of January of 2012, though this date has yet to be announced.

Victoria Budson

Finally, you can read all about Victoria Budson, the founding Executive Director of WAPPP on the Harvard Kennedy School site.   A politician and activist herself, Ms. Budson is committed to encouraging the participation of women in politics.

You can also read Ms. Budson’s comments for the Voices Unabridged article, “Nancy Pelosi: Breaking through the ‘Marble Ceiling” on the e-magazine’s website.

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