Only 13% of Partners at Goldman Sachs are Women

According to a recent study by and only 13% of current Goldman Sachs partners are women.  This means that of the 475 current partners less than 62 are women.

Yes, Goldman has increased this number from a measly 6% in 2000.  However, it’s still only a 7% increase in 10 years.  That’s unfortunate given the fact that the NYTs calls Goldman one of the most successful firms on Wall Street.

Recent NYTs study: Study Points to Windfall for Goldman Partners –

Recent studies have shown the importance of having women in leadership positions.  While it is uncertain if greater female representation in positions of leadership at Goldman Sachs would have any effect on the way the financial crisis played out, it can be assumed that it didn’t encourage a culture of dissent or alternative points of view.

While Deloitte notes that the public sector leads the private sector in terms of placing women in leadership positions, a recent CBS piece on the incoming US House of Representative’s “Slumber Party” freshmen show that women have yet to participate in ALL aspects of government.  And possibly for the better….

CBS: New Congress Forms the “Slumber Party”

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