Vietnam: Gender & Development – Report by the Overseas Development Institute

In October 2010 the ODI released a report titled, “A Gender lens for Viet Nam’s Flagship Poverty Reduction Programme.”   This report commends Vietnam for its comparative progress in promoting gender equity in South East Asia but notes that the country still has a far way to go.

ODI - Overseas Development InstitutePoverty rates have dropped dramatically in Vietnam from 56% in 1993 to the present 16%.  However poverty reduction programs still fail to recognize the essential link between gender equity and economic growth.

Unlike women in Malaysia, the earnings of women in Vietnam are more closely linked to those of their male counterparts.  However, women in Vietnam remain highly vulnerable in economically sensitive sectors.

The ODI report calls for better coordination between domestic agencies in Vietnam in addition to increasing the capacity of women and girls.  It also calls for greater attention to be paid to the basic needs of women and children to ensure that that they are secure in their access to food and healthcare.

You can read the full ODI report here:

A gender lens for Viet Nam’s flagship poverty reduction programme – Resources – Overseas Development Institute (ODI).

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