Women & Communication: Panjshir women strengthen communication skills

This is a fascinating article about a communications workshop for women conducted in Afghanistan.  The objective of this workshop is to help Afghan women improve their public speaking and interviewing skills to improve their ability to present themselves, compete for jobs and apply for loans.

The program is run by the US State Department and this particular workshop was run by Mahtab Farid, a US public diplomacy officer born in Iran and fluent in Farsi.  Here is what she had to say:

Teaching courses like this two-day seminar is a passion of hers, Farid said. She explained that she loves to visit the communities and help these women in any way she can to give back to Afghanistan and to truly make a difference in their lives.

“My hope is that we can build capacity and provide these women with educational tools,” said Farid. “They can use these tools and make something of themselves with what they’ve learned.”

Panjshir women strengthen communication skills

Photo from http://www.dvidshub.net/news/65266/panjshir-women-strengthen-communication-skills

DVIDS – News – Panjshir women strengthen communication skills.

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