Women & Revolution: NYTs Equal Rights Takes to the Barricades

This fascinating article focuses on the central role played of Asmaa Mahfouz, a 26 year old Egyptian woman, in launching the current grassroots revolution in Egypt.

According to the Times, Ms. Mahfouz posted a video on YouTube on which she announced that she would be willing to take to the streets to overthrow the government of President Mubarak.  This video inspired thousands of people to do just that.

Read the full article here: Equal Rights Takes to the Barricades – NYTimes.com.

Ms. Mahfouz is also a founder of the April 6 Youth Movement an organization dedicated to revolution in Egypt.  Its interesting to note that some of Ms. Mahfouz’s colleagues feel that her work has not necessary inspired greater participation by women, instead it has further encouraged men to take part in the revolution.  That noted, this article goes on to cite the role played by a number of women in the current protests.

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